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JULY 2018
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Martial Arts for Kids – What’s a good age to start?
Kids benefit from physical exercise and Martial Arts for Kids is a fantastic and energetic way to achieve fitness of both mind and body.

All to often kids aren’t keen to participate in run of the mill sports and would prefer to sit in front of the TV or computer playing games. As a result too many kids become obese, lack energy, lack social skills and have poor interaction with others. But Kids benefit from physical exercise and Martial Arts is a fantastic and energetic way to achieve fitness for mind and body.

Q. If I encourage my Kids to take up Martial Arts won’t they become bullies at school?

A. No. Most unlikely, as Martial Arts teaches self control and improves their self esteem.

Frequently Kids lack self esteem and therefore confidence, which in many cases leads to them being bullied at school.

Q. Should kids be encouraged to fight?

A. No of course not.

Some parents mistakenly believe Martial Arts to be the first step in the bullying process, whereas the opposite is the case, and the kids soon become the leaders in their school or community. 

Q. So what are Martial Arts?

They come in various forms, the most common being Judo, Karate and Kung Fu, however there are many other popular formats

Martial Arts is about self control, knowing that you have the knowledge rather than the strength to beat your opponent. It is about technique and the ability to turn the others person’s aggression to your advantage. It is the art of self defense.

The uniforms or suits that are worn vary according to the Martial Art that you follow. However within each discipline they are the same except for the color of the belt which confirms the standard that has been attained, it reflects the work they have put into the sport and the achievement they have made.

Martial Arts is a sport that many kids will be happy to participate in as it is non academic, and without them realizing it, it builds their self esteem, it teaches them respect, and above all it builds their self confidence.

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