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Kids Programs
Raising a Champion in Life
Teaching our kids the ABC's of Success
A great activity for kids of all ages!
Would you like to ensure that your child will grow up to be confident, fit and capable of handling themselves regardless of the obstacles they will face? Our classes are jam-packed with fun, fitness and exciting martial arts exercises that kids love! You’ll love our classes too because they’ll bring out the inner champion in your child!

When your child participates in classes, our talented black belt instructors will give your child an incredible workout while instilling important leadership and character building skills. At the same time, your child will develop rock solid self-defense skills to keep them safe.

Today there are dozens of options for fun kid's activities, but none can give your child the benefits they’ll get from taking martial arts classes! From giving kids a lifelong appreciation for fitness and engaging them with other kids their age in a fun and safe setting to teaching kids self-defense and building their self-confidence, our martial arts classes are simply one of the best gifts you can give your child!
Time and time again, parents tell us about the positive changes they see in their kids.
  •  A great workout that kids love
  •  Healthy activities that stimulate muscle growth and promote flexibility
  •  Improved coordination
  •  Unbreakable focus and concentration that leads to better grades
  •  A proven system to boost your child's self-esteem
  •  Critical life lessons to cope with peer pressure and bullying
  •  Leadership skills that separate your kids from the pack
  •  An appreciation for goal setting and plenty of positive reinforcement to develop a non-quitting spirit
  •  Bully Proof and Stranger Danger Curriculum
We teach kids through the “I CAN” program to help them learn the ABCs of what it takes to become a champion in life… Attitude, Behavior, Character!
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Family Classes
Dinoto Karate Is Great For Families
Get Fit, Have Fun And Learn A Valuable Skill!
​Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit through our martial arts training. Apart from great self-defense skills, you will also gain increased power and flexibility, enhanced focus, better reflexes and the meet some real cool people!

Top 3 Reasons Why Karate Is the Perfect Family Activity

1. Exercise
Limiting screen time is a great idea when it comes to getting kids off the couch and encouraging them to be more active, but its not enough. Enrolling your child in the martial arts not only discourages the sedentary lifestyle kids are becoming all too accustomed to, but also provides them with an enjoyable and positive atmosphere that allows kids of any fitness level to participate. No one sits on the bench in our classes. 

Most adults have busy lives, and between working and taking care of the kids, they have little time for anything else. Since you take the time to bring your kids to karate class, why not participate. Instead of paying for a gym membership you don’t have time to use, take class with your kids, get in great shape and hang out with some of the coolest people in town!

2. Quality Family Time 
Family nights are part of the fabric of this great nation, but most of the time it involves sitting on the couch while everyone stares at their phone screens. While we all love our technology, wouldn’t it be better to connect with your kids through a common interest? You can’t get out on the soccer field with your kids but you can practice martial arts together.

3. Affordable Family Activity
With the rising cost of family entertainment spending quality time with the kids can get expensive! Fortunately, taking martial arts lessons is super affordable! We love seeing every member of the family on the mats so we offer a special family program. We believe that families that kick together stick together!

Regardless of your experience or fitness level, you'll be able to learn everything you need to succeed in martial arts and get in the shape you've always wanted to be in while enjoying the many other benefits.

Here are just a few of the additional benefits you can expect from training with us... 
  •  Increased flexibility and strength and fitness to look and feel great
  •  Razor-sharp reflexes
  •  Unbreakable concentration
  •  A huge boost to your self-confidence
  •  A drastic reduction in your daily stress levels
  •  Improved leadership skills
  •  Feeling and sense of community as you train with a peer group who are supportive and helpful every step of the way​
If you’re ready to look and feel better than ever then now is the perfect time to give it a try!

Martial arts, self-defense and kickboxing classes for kids and adults in Mt. Laurel, NJ
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Upcoming Events 
Come out and support our candidates! The test is from 12:30-4pm at 
Larchmont Elementary School,
301 Larchmont Blvd., Mt. Laurel, NJ 
Hope to see you there!

There will be no 12:45pm class on Saturday 10/20 due to our Black Belt Graduation.
Costume Party!
On Saturday October 27 all families with children 4 years old to 11 are invited to come by and have fun at this years costume party at our school. 

Here are the times:
10:45am - Little Champions (4 to 6 years old)
11:15am - Beginners (7 to 11 years old)

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